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New to the Art of Quilting

I have several wedding, maternity, and other shoots to post, but I have spent a lot of my time finishing my first quilt. I am excited to begin on the other designs in my queue. Thanks to my grandma, mom, and sister for the inspiration!

Back of quilt


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Life in Jordan, Part I

Internet access, electricity access, and other things complicated my blogging abilities while in Jordan this past summer. Now that we are back in DC and have a new computer, I can return to the blogosphere. My awesome friend Hilary was proposed to in Jordan near the Cliff House hostel where she lived. The hostel also happens to be near one of our favorite falafel places, so I promised her I would stop and tell the hostel people hello. Alas, the ownership has changed since Hilary’s move, but we tried. In the alleyway across from the hostel entrance, we were lucky enough to find a nice pita bakery. Robert wanted to finally uncover the mystery behind how pitas got there pockets so we stopped in to ask some questions. To illustrate the process, the owner took us on a tour.

Mother's Day 2009 46

Rising dough

Mother's Day 2009 56

Pita belt

Mother's Day 2009 43

Mother's Day 2009 35


Mother's Day 2009 49

Turns out there is no pocket secret. The intense heat creates the pillow…unless that is considered a secret.

Mother's Day 2009 54

This blurry image is actually a very cool part of the process; it’s the pita shoot that drops pita from the second to the first-floor shop. Many, though not all, bakeries have them.

AmmanMay9 2

Baker in front of flour

AmmanMay9 6

Proud owner and son

AmmanMay9 8

The son was four and so adorable. He joined us on the tour with his dad.

AmmanMay9 9

These are the intensely sweet treats the owner welcomed us to sample.

Mother's Day 2009 28

Hilary’s old haunt

Mother's Day 2009 6

Tasty hummus from one of the most wonderful falafel places in Amman

Mother's Day 2009 13

Carl and Glory (not pictured) joined us on many adventures. They are wonderful traveling companions.

Mother's Day 2009 20


Mother's Day 2009 27

Falafel in the making

Mother's Day 2009 26

The falafel maker invited Gloria to have a go at packing the falafel mixture before tossing it in the oil.

AmmanMay9 19

Here I am enjoying the fruit and vegetable markets near by.


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Mt. Sinai

Amman, Jordanblog 4

Camels are adorable, which is why I always take a million photos of them.

Amman, Jordanblog 2

Reported to be “the” burning bush.

Amman, Jordanblog 1

Fresco from the monastery located at the base of Mt. Sinai

Amman, Jordanblog 3

Humble resting place of monks

Amman, Jordanblog 5

My buddy

Amman, Jordanblog 6

More buddies, nice camouflage.

Amman, Jordanblog 7

Hiking Sinai

Amman, Jordanblog 8

Happy hiker

Amman, Jordanblog 9

Our housing, walking distance from the Mt. Sinai trail head


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Middle East Revisited

Back in the Middle East! When I went to Egypt a couple of years ago, I didn’t take a camel ride, so we opted for one this time. I’m glad I waited because the camel’s looked a lot healthier/happier. In this photo, they are either trying to give each other kisses or attack. It’s undecided.

Egypt2009 3

Egypt2009 4

This is happy Nancy. You’ll notice I’m smiling a lot more this trip because I didn’t get sick at all! Last time, I missed a lot of good sightseeing because I was so sick. We basically lived off of Pringles and Hit cookies this time to avoid random unidentifiable meals. We even ate…

Egypt2009 5 (1)

Par example…we ate McDonald’s and Pizza Hut within 10 days.  We’ve eaten more fastfood here than we ever did in the States. Now that we’re in Jordan, I am a lot more adventurous with menus.

Egypt2009 4 (1)

Egypt2009 6 (1)

Egypt2009 1

Near the Step Pyramid

Egypt2009 2

Colossal statue of Ramses and Robert

Egypt2009 7

Valley of the Kings, which I missed last time because of illness.

Egypt2009 1 (1)

Egypt2009 2 (1)

Goat who was drinking from the Sacred Lake of Karnak

Egypt2009 3 (1)

Avenue of (ram-headed) Sphinxes

Egypt2009 7 (1)

Egypt2009 5

R waxing nostalgic on his old campus, American University of Cairo. He studied there for a year (before we met).

Egypt2009 6

This is the meal we DIDN’T eat on our sleeper train. Yikes! We ate Pringles, bananas, and Hits instead, per usual. The sleeper train was the smallest I’ve ever seen!

Egypt2009 8 (1)

This was the Coptic Christians’ attempt at defacing Egyptian polytheistic carvings.

Egypt2009 8

Temple of “Hot Chicken Soup”…that was how our tour guide taught us “stupid Americans” to say Queen Hatchepsut.

Egypt2009 9 (1)

Cute R

Egypt2009 9

At our trip to Pizza Hut, we discovered a cheesy, hot dog crust pizza. Tasty concept, I guess.

Egypt2009 10

Mosque of Ibn Tulun in Cairo, which has a ziggurat-style minaret. This was part of our walking tour in Islamic Cairo. It was amazing.

Egypt2009 12

View from the tower.

Egypt2009 13

Egypt2009 14

Egypt2009 15

A house with beautiful mashrabiyya woodwork in the background, signature to local experts.

Egypt2009 16

Nice little bird in the center

Egypt2009 17

This sweet cat was actually yawning, but she looks like she’s being feisty.

Egypt2009 18

A beautiful courtyard garden

Egypt2009 19

Boatmaking in Alexandria. We took an awesome day trip there. I LOVED it. It’s only a few hours by train from Cairo.

Egypt2009 20


Egypt2009 21

The modern Alexandria library built in honor of the ancient one.

Egypt2009 22

Alexandria fortress

Egypt2009 23

View from a taxicab

Egypt2009 24

View from a taxicab II

Egypt2009 25

View from a taxicab III


A gorgeous mosque back in Cairo

This is a ton of photos! I’ll post more with fewer images now that we’re in Amman and settled.


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As We Move…

Robert and I are leaving tomorrow to go abroad. Our time in Utah has flown. After living in Amman, Jordan this summer, we will move back to DC in August. Can’t wait to catch up with our loved ones there! Below is a mess of photos I want to post before we go. They are from different shoots but all include wonderful people in our lives! Love to you all!


















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True Sisterly Love

This is how much my sister loves me. When I left my flip flops in California, she mailed them to me right away but not without including these adorable Peeps! I guess I am not the only one intrigued by these adorable edibles of mysterious origin. Thanks for helping me celebrate Easter, Steph! Love you lots!




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