President’s Day

Last Monday was a treat. Robert and I had an all-day date in our own neighborhood. What a dream to live in Smithsonian land! We woke, went for an awesome run on the Mall and to the gym, and returned home to get ready for our stroll to the National Portrait Gallery. The walk was beautiful (then it rained later that afternoon). Living on the Hill, I feel like there are so many treasures in my own backyard. I practiced with my new Holga throughout our adventure (photos to come [film!]). In the meantime, here are some highlights. I love you, Capitol Hill.


On our way.


My fantastic date in front of the gallery.


Hello, portraits.






So this was the best looking actor of his time.


No, really. He was considered the most handsome actor of his generation.




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2 responses to “President’s Day

  1. shannon petersen

    You guys are so fun! What an amazing opportunity living in that city to do some fascinating things. We miss you, what have you been up to? Collin says Bonjour!
    Je T’aime!

  2. So fun! I wish we were there to play with you guys! Miss you!

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