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A Victim Treats His Mugger Right

Cheryl, thanks for the thoughtful comments. I can’t wait to compare chocolate notes and learn more from your experience.

It was a busy weekend. I did a 7AM engagement shoot at the Tidal Basin Saturday morning. The poor couple was beautiful but frozen. I was freezing too. My hands were so numb, they were more like paws. That made shooting a little difficult, but switching out memory cards was the real adventure. The shoot went well, though (photos coming shortly).

Immediately after that, I went to a baby shower for awesome Hilary (photos to come). Sat. evening we drove out toward Baltimore for Nathaniel’s birthday party (one of R’s best friends). It was so nice to see the gang and catch up. Everyone’s kiddos are growing so much!!

Sunday was just as busy. It was my first day as Nursery President. Yes, I’ve moved from our Young Women youth group to little tykes. I started with three kids and ended up with one by the end of the block. Oh, and one of the little girls collided with a drinking fountain as we were walking back from singing time. Her grandma recognized her wails from the hallway and so I delivered her to familiar arms. Overall, they did okay.

Yesterday, we also did our chocolate tasting! It was a blast and everyone really got into it. After I tally all the ratings and load the photos, I’ll write an entry for Dark Chocolate Daily.

So, the point is, photos are forthcoming all around. In the meantime listen to/read this: “A Victim Treats His Mugger Right.” It’s only 3 minutes, 12 seconds.


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More Chocolate for You and Me

I’m now SO into this chocolate hobby, that I’ve taken several different dedicated adventures and have now launched my very own chocoblog. It’s called the Dark Chocolate Daily and I invite anyone who has a chocolate opinion (even a negative one) or story to let me know so I can feature you as a guest blogger. I have a few people in mind, but please give me a shout out if you’re interested. I’d also like to provide people (living in DC or not) with various samples (not all dark chocolate) on occasion, so they can post a review. Email me at p.s. Ricksphotography will still be my primary blog.

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Ooo la la! Du chocolat!

Last week I went to a chocolate tasting for the first time. It all started months ago when I heard about something called “single-bean chocolate” on the radio. Not even being a huge chocolate lover, I was still deeply intrigued by this new—or perhaps just growing—art and purist approach. I occasionally searched for chocolate info, especially DC-based shops and events, and voila last week a chocolate tasting came up. It was called “Mad About Madagascar”; all the bars we sampled were made from Madagascar cacao beans. So I booked two spots and the fun began. My life is now divided into the categories of pre-chocolate and post.

The tasting was in a basement chocolate shop called Biagio. What a way to spend a Wednesday night! Luisa, my awesome colleague, joined me. The cocoa event consisted of a very interesting how-chocolate-is-born presentation and of course the ritual of melting haute gourmet samples in our mouths. Believe me, what they say is true. When it comes to the really good stuff, it’s easy to recognize when a bar has notes of berries in it or tobacco…banana, etc. It’s all true! Hello new hobby.


Meet Luisa.


Welcome to the art.



The cacao.




These are appetizer chocolates centered on our tables. We chased our samples down with sparkling water and more chocolate.


Let the tasting really begin.


Biagio himself.


These bars have their origin longitude and latitude printed on them.


More incredible tasting.


The aftermath. We kept personal rating sheets of our likes and dislikes.


Yes! Chocolatiers unite!


Keep it coming.





The big guns — 100% cocoa content. Most of the other bars were 70%-80%.


Hello my new friend.


Something for the road.


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Shoe Love

Just a small Friday shout-out to my new shoes. These babies rock. They’re adorable and the ultimate in comfort. Who can pass up a slip-on with Puma soles?



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Happy Leap(frog) Year

I am lucky enough to work one building over from the National Geographic (NG). It has a fun and unique gift shop and always great exhibits. When I find an occasion to slip out of the office because I’m so over what I’m working on, and it’s not necessarily under an ASAP deadline (rare), I take a peek at what’s showing at NG.

A couple of weeks ago, I needed just such a break, and was completely and pleasantly surprised to discover that the exhibit was of live frogs! I don’t know what it is, but they were awesome, and I could hardly pull myself away. I’m sure it also had something to do with frogs equaling lots of fun, and at the time, my work did not.

I really wanted Robert to swing by on a Friday (when he’s day-clubbing with no classes) and check the little guys out with me. How awesome was it that we were able to go yesterday, Leap Day? Unfortunately, we missed the actual leapfrog contest, but we still had a blast. It’s so strange, not being dramatic either, but I noticed that everyone in the place had a look of awe and goofy smiles on their faces. Why we so love these prehistoric- or cartoon-looking creatures, I have no idea, but we do. So here are a million photos of them. Eat your heart out Kermit (Who was also a part of a display, “Why We Love Frogs.”).




Underwater buddy.


Seafoam green is the new pink…actually the new pink is orange, but that’s a different topic.


Dart frogs = the most poisonous venom in the WORLD. Hunters and ticked off people grace their darts with this venom. The darts can remain poisonous up to a year after application.


More adorable darts.


Do you see her boyfriends behind her?


This guy is crazy vicious.





Talk about leapfrog. Doesn’t it look like they know something we don’t?


Beside the tall, dark, and handsome guy is a frog doing a crazy mating ritual. If a frog can’t sing (ribbit) loud enough to attract the attention of his lover to-be, he puffs up his throat and throws one leg out to one side and then the other to make a total love-sick fool of himself.


He kind of reminds me of a puppy with his head cocked to the side. I like puppies too.







Thanks, R, for the fantastic Friday lunch date!


Saying goodbye.


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