Ooo la la! Du chocolat!

Last week I went to a chocolate tasting for the first time. It all started months ago when I heard about something called “single-bean chocolate” on the radio. Not even being a huge chocolate lover, I was still deeply intrigued by this new—or perhaps just growing—art and purist approach. I occasionally searched for chocolate info, especially DC-based shops and events, and voila last week a chocolate tasting came up. It was called “Mad About Madagascar”; all the bars we sampled were made from Madagascar cacao beans. So I booked two spots and the fun began. My life is now divided into the categories of pre-chocolate and post.

The tasting was in a basement chocolate shop called Biagio. What a way to spend a Wednesday night! Luisa, my awesome colleague, joined me. The cocoa event consisted of a very interesting how-chocolate-is-born presentation and of course the ritual of melting haute gourmet samples in our mouths. Believe me, what they say is true. When it comes to the really good stuff, it’s easy to recognize when a bar has notes of berries in it or tobacco…banana, etc. It’s all true! Hello new hobby.


Meet Luisa.


Welcome to the art.



The cacao.




These are appetizer chocolates centered on our tables. We chased our samples down with sparkling water and more chocolate.


Let the tasting really begin.


Biagio himself.


These bars have their origin longitude and latitude printed on them.


More incredible tasting.


The aftermath. We kept personal rating sheets of our likes and dislikes.


Yes! Chocolatiers unite!


Keep it coming.





The big guns — 100% cocoa content. Most of the other bars were 70%-80%.


Hello my new friend.


Something for the road.



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5 responses to “Ooo la la! Du chocolat!

  1. i need some!! my mouth is totally watering now!

  2. um where is this and how can i get some!!!!!!

  3. Kate

    how fun! If you want to do it again, I’ll join you. 🙂

  4. Wow, that was Heaven in blog form. You’ve inspired me to search for my own chocolate tasting – I’m so fascinated that they dissect flavors in chocolate like they do wine. Love it!

  5. Kari Ann

    YUUUMMMMYYYYY!!! Chez magnifique!!! This makes me want to open my own Chocalatiere. Your photos inspire!! Could we catch up sometime this week? Kimmy F. will be in Arizona on April 28, so wish you could come for a visit.

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