A Victim Treats His Mugger Right

Cheryl, thanks for the thoughtful comments. I can’t wait to compare chocolate notes and learn more from your experience.

It was a busy weekend. I did a 7AM engagement shoot at the Tidal Basin Saturday morning. The poor couple was beautiful but frozen. I was freezing too. My hands were so numb, they were more like paws. That made shooting a little difficult, but switching out memory cards was the real adventure. The shoot went well, though (photos coming shortly).

Immediately after that, I went to a baby shower for awesome Hilary (photos to come). Sat. evening we drove out toward Baltimore for Nathaniel’s birthday party (one of R’s best friends). It was so nice to see the gang and catch up. Everyone’s kiddos are growing so much!!

Sunday was just as busy. It was my first day as Nursery President. Yes, I’ve moved from our Young Women youth group to little tykes. I started with three kids and ended up with one by the end of the block. Oh, and one of the little girls collided with a drinking fountain as we were walking back from singing time. Her grandma recognized her wails from the hallway and so I delivered her to familiar arms. Overall, they did okay.

Yesterday, we also did our chocolate tasting! It was a blast and everyone really got into it. After I tally all the ratings and load the photos, I’ll write an entry for Dark Chocolate Daily.

So, the point is, photos are forthcoming all around. In the meantime listen to/read this: “A Victim Treats His Mugger Right.” It’s only 3 minutes, 12 seconds.


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  1. you are the nursery leader!??!?! ! holy cow. i was just thinking about how i would dread that calling, but our ward has about 35 kids in nursery! good luck!

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