Kim, Madison, and Scarlett

Ladies, thanks for the fabulous time! You were awesome!!

See the rest of the shots here.



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9 responses to “Kim, Madison, and Scarlett

  1. this may just be my favorite photo shoot of yours yet!!! it is amazing. i love every bit of it. where were you guys?

  2. ricksphotography

    Robs! You are awesome. Thanks so much for the comment. We did the shoot at their apartment complex. Cool playground!

  3. Robert

    I agree with Robin—a fantastic shoot!

  4. stephanie

    Look at that cute squishy little girl…so so cute! they definitely look related. Really great pix Nana!

  5. elaine

    OMG! Incredible, Nancy, really! You are an amazing talent. I need to get your rates… when Maya is a little bit older I want a photo shoot just like this one!

  6. ricksphotography

    Elaine! So great to hear from you. Thanks for your nice compliments! I would be honored to do a shoot with your beautiful family!!

  7. Snowbunny

    Hey! Will you take my picture??
    JTT and I are going on vacation over memorial day, but when we get back…??

  8. ricksphotography

    Yes, let’s do it! Can’t wait!

  9. Margaret

    Wow. Those are wonderful. Good job Nancy – and great subjects Kim!

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