I Heart Family



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6 responses to “I Heart Family

  1. Stepi

    Amazing! Fantastic, beautiful. I love them all. Thanks for taking such great pictures!

  2. Kari Ann

    Oh my gosh, abolutely lovely! I cannot believe how big Gretta & Jonah have gotten, you all look so beautiful. Especially like the pensive family shot, it portrays a certain kind of dignity. Hugs!

  3. Amanda

    Hey picture woman.
    Can you take pictures of my family while Todd and I are in Utah??
    Pretty please.

  4. nicolas

    Beautiful pictures nancy,
    see you later!!!
    Your french friend

  5. shannon

    oh, they are gorgeous! i am so in love with all of them, especially the one of everyone around grandma. i can’t wait for you to do ours once this little girl gets here. 6 more weeks!

  6. Kate

    seriously, nance, it is time for a new post. Two months it has been!!! too long! 🙂

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