True Sisterly Love

This is how much my sister loves me. When I left my flip flops in California, she mailed them to me right away but not without including these adorable Peeps! I guess I am not the only one intrigued by these adorable edibles of mysterious origin. Thanks for helping me celebrate Easter, Steph! Love you lots!





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5 responses to “True Sisterly Love

  1. Michelle

    I can’t believe you put the link to the peeps website! Way to keep us informed!

  2. Michelle

    That was Michelle Sallay by the way, in case you know more Michelles.

  3. stephanie H.

    Hey! I love the peep pictures. They are all fancied up! Your welcome. What are sisters for anyway!

  4. Kathy

    I’m not a fan of straight Peeps but I saw a recipe (if you really need on) for Peeps S’mores. Mmmmmm…..that sounds good. Also, you MUST check out this “Peeps Show” Very funny. I wan to enter next year.

  5. stephanie H.

    OK!! I have had toasted peeps before and they are very delicious! The sugar carmelizes and is wonderful! Kath, I am surprised at your lack of peep dedication. Are you sure you’re our sister? (They are better when slightly stale.)

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