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Middle East Revisited

Back in the Middle East! When I went to Egypt a couple of years ago, I didn’t take a camel ride, so we opted for one this time. I’m glad I waited because the camel’s looked a lot healthier/happier. In this photo, they are either trying to give each other kisses or attack. It’s undecided.

Egypt2009 3

Egypt2009 4

This is happy Nancy. You’ll notice I’m smiling a lot more this trip because I didn’t get sick at all! Last time, I missed a lot of good sightseeing because I was so sick. We basically lived off of Pringles and Hit cookies this time to avoid random unidentifiable meals. We even ate…

Egypt2009 5 (1)

Par example…we ate McDonald’s and Pizza Hut within 10 days.  We’ve eaten more fastfood here than we ever did in the States. Now that we’re in Jordan, I am a lot more adventurous with menus.

Egypt2009 4 (1)

Egypt2009 6 (1)

Egypt2009 1

Near the Step Pyramid

Egypt2009 2

Colossal statue of Ramses and Robert

Egypt2009 7

Valley of the Kings, which I missed last time because of illness.

Egypt2009 1 (1)

Egypt2009 2 (1)

Goat who was drinking from the Sacred Lake of Karnak

Egypt2009 3 (1)

Avenue of (ram-headed) Sphinxes

Egypt2009 7 (1)

Egypt2009 5

R waxing nostalgic on his old campus, American University of Cairo. He studied there for a year (before we met).

Egypt2009 6

This is the meal we DIDN’T eat on our sleeper train. Yikes! We ate Pringles, bananas, and Hits instead, per usual. The sleeper train was the smallest I’ve ever seen!

Egypt2009 8 (1)

This was the Coptic Christians’ attempt at defacing Egyptian polytheistic carvings.

Egypt2009 8

Temple of “Hot Chicken Soup”…that was how our tour guide taught us “stupid Americans” to say Queen Hatchepsut.

Egypt2009 9 (1)

Cute R

Egypt2009 9

At our trip to Pizza Hut, we discovered a cheesy, hot dog crust pizza. Tasty concept, I guess.

Egypt2009 10

Mosque of Ibn Tulun in Cairo, which has a ziggurat-style minaret. This was part of our walking tour in Islamic Cairo. It was amazing.

Egypt2009 12

View from the tower.

Egypt2009 13

Egypt2009 14

Egypt2009 15

A house with beautiful mashrabiyya woodwork in the background, signature to local experts.

Egypt2009 16

Nice little bird in the center

Egypt2009 17

This sweet cat was actually yawning, but she looks like she’s being feisty.

Egypt2009 18

A beautiful courtyard garden

Egypt2009 19

Boatmaking in Alexandria. We took an awesome day trip there. I LOVED it. It’s only a few hours by train from Cairo.

Egypt2009 20


Egypt2009 21

The modern Alexandria library built in honor of the ancient one.

Egypt2009 22

Alexandria fortress

Egypt2009 23

View from a taxicab

Egypt2009 24

View from a taxicab II

Egypt2009 25

View from a taxicab III


A gorgeous mosque back in Cairo

This is a ton of photos! I’ll post more with fewer images now that we’re in Amman and settled.



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