Mt. Sinai

Amman, Jordanblog 4

Camels are adorable, which is why I always take a million photos of them.

Amman, Jordanblog 2

Reported to be “the” burning bush.

Amman, Jordanblog 1

Fresco from the monastery located at the base of Mt. Sinai

Amman, Jordanblog 3

Humble resting place of monks

Amman, Jordanblog 5

My buddy

Amman, Jordanblog 6

More buddies, nice camouflage.

Amman, Jordanblog 7

Hiking Sinai

Amman, Jordanblog 8

Happy hiker

Amman, Jordanblog 9

Our housing, walking distance from the Mt. Sinai trail head



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2 responses to “Mt. Sinai

  1. laura

    These photos are breathtaking! Steve thinks Robert looks just like Moses!

  2. NICO

    Beautiful travel and nice photographies.
    Big Kiss

    Your eternel french friend


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